Monday, April 4, 2011

The Trip to Atlanta

So I am here in Atlanta. And I have to say, we paid a pretty penny to stay where we are, but I have no regrets thus far. I’m right across the street from Olympic Park. I could ask for better weather but what are you gonna’ do? Day one consisted of driving from Bluffton to Atlanta and going to Fernbanks Museum. So far so good.

The next day would be a whirlwind. We got up earlier than we needed to so we were about an hour earlier to Zoo Atlanta than it opened, Since it had a park right next to it, we walked around, and came across a crayfish (crawfish if you happen to be from Louisiana). We thanked him for the entertainment and put him back in the water (I hope that is where he wanted to go). When the zoo opened, we saw gorillas, panda bears, lion(s), tigers, and bears (oh my) as well as a variety of other stuff birds, reptiles, and smaller mammals.

It was fun and we did not get rained on, but the sky was dark and dreary, and it looked like the bottom could fall out at any minute. We had lunch at the Varsity. I wanted to show my kids how big the place is, and they were amazed.

Next we went to the aquarium and I must say I was impressed with the size and scope of it all. It is one big aquarium, but not better than seeing the one in Charleston or New Orleans. But it is big. And the lines to get in this place were equally staggering. We got to skip this because we got the CityPass, I would say it was worth it just by getting to jump the line alone.

It was still raining and rather cold outside. We decided to pack up our Atlanta vacation a day early. But we still had a CNN tour and a World of Coke on our itinerary. The CNN tour was a nice learning experience (and a really long escalator) but I don’t think I would buy it by itself. The World of Coke was equally nice, they had many drinks and a bunch of nostalgia but really pay $15 for the thing? I think not.

The whole vacation was a great idea, that is until the weather turned yucky which it turned before we even left. And it wasn’t just bad in Atlanta, everywhere in the south had it pretty much the same, cold and wet… so not the spring break we had envisioned. Still it was good, we saw the zoo and aquarium and Fernbanks and CNN and World of Coke. We stayed at the Omni which is right there next to CNN, and they had a huge food court (it was ok, not real good or bad… just ok), which was where we ate every meal minus the Varsity trip. It was great fun and very educational, really a something for everyone kind of trip. I'm glad we went and maybe (just maybe) we will go again, sooner rather than later...

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