Saturday, April 2, 2011

And Then...

Yeah so I got some bad news while on vacation. It is definitely a "game changer" as it were. My mom called and told me that she has breast cancer. I have been processing that for a few days. There is so much running through my head, I don't know how to say it all. I went through a similar experience 7 years ago, when my father told me he had throat cancer.

I'm not sure how my mother will opt to treat this. If she will go the full mastectomy, the partial lumpectomy, or some other thing. With my father, they originally wanted to remove his entire lower jaw. He did no opt for that and if you have seen Roger Egbert lately, I can totally understand.

There are worries that arise, like "What do I do if one of my daughters/sisters get this too?" Yep, it is stupid to worry, because worrying can't help anything, but I worry anyway. My mom is young, at least I think so, 60 isn't so old anymore.

I don't know what I will do from this point forward, but I am reminded by my father's words way back when he thought his cancer would kill him... "Nobody gets out of life alive, there ain't a big shiny trophy when you get to the end either. All you can do is love those close to you and appreciate the person for whatever time you have. There is nothing else."

I'm not ready for my mother to leave me yet. I'm just not. But I am powerless in that regard. So it is a waiting and hoping and worrying game until I find out anything more...

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Alex said...

Sorry to hear this...I know how tough it is to process (my stepfather has been through two cancer diagnoses).