Monday, April 25, 2011

It Sucks

So the other day the worst thing happened.  I over-estimated on my insulin and crashed. This is normally not that big of a deal, I just need to eat or drink something, but this happened at night, while I was asleep. And I didn't exactly wake up. In fact my wife dialed 911 after trying to wake me up for an hour. It wasn't like I was unconscious, I apparently have another person living inside of me. I don't like this... at all.

But there isn't a whole lot I can do about this. Other than, never crash at night. Yeah it kind of sucks. One it sucks that I have this alter-ego. One that I really can't control. And then the other part... the you might have another stroke part. That gets caught in my throat. And it won't quite go down.

The thing is I have very little control over the whole situation. My wife understands, I think she understands better than I understand. I apologized 50 times over and she said she forgives me, but I can't say it won't happen again.  And that is the part about this whole deal that really, really sucks.

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