Monday, February 25, 2008

A Tree

I'm a little down bear with me... things aren't working properly.

Yesterday I bought a tree, now before I go in to that, you should know that I've never purchased or sought out one before. I first stopped at a local nursery on Hwy 278. First thing I can say is damn, they proud of what they got because they sure want a lot for it. But let me drift off subject for a moment. I watched the traffic go on around me. Man things have changed, or at least you can really notice them, when you take time out to.

I mean you probably know there's all kinds of growth, and I came here after most of it had already hit the area. But I wonder who really takes the time to notice. We all might say it's bad or might complain about it... but at least for me, I have a job that's based on that growth and it really is something to back deal the deck if you know what I mean (say growth is bad, then make money off it anyway).

But I'm not even talking about that. I'm just saying, all the cars had a driver, and maybe other passengers and each one had it's own story to tell us, though we will likely never hear them. Moments like that always awe me.

So back to the subject, we left the nursery, the kind of clients they have are not me, not even close. I feel like this at the outlet mall too, because I just can't wrap my head around some of those prices but that's another blog. We stopped at Home Depot and got a $20 tree, a red bud... one of the same trees at the hifalutin nursery, with a gift card at that. The ultimate price of a tree was free in my case.

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