Monday, February 4, 2008

More super bowl thoughts

The Patriots never really had a chance. Well not really. Looking back at all their previous super bowl victories they never really knocked any other team in the teeth. This fact is usually over looked by the fact that they won a super bowl and the details get forgotten. I mean you find that one team really dominates another. Does this mean the competition has kept up, making for a better game or is it just 2 marginal teams put on a better show?

Let's consider that that Patriots are in a very easy division with the Jets, Bills, and Dolphins. I bet the 49'ers, Cowboys, or even the Broncos wish they had opponents that weak in there runs up to greatness. And then there is the whole cheating scandal. And of course they did some crazy stuff like go for it on 4th down a lot. I'm not saying they don't deserve what they have. They're just not so shiny anymore. Me personally, I'd want to win, decisively, in the biggest game there is... and the Patriots just haven't done that.

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