Sunday, February 10, 2008

It's Really Low Down Dirty

I’m sick of the paper. They had an article that was probably condescending maybe even a bit snarky the other day. You’d think that with it being a small town paper it wouldn’t be like that at all, but you’d be wrong. You’d think an article about education would be about someone making a difference, making the grade, or just trying to get better. Nope we instead find people making fun of 1st graders. I’m talking about Saturday’s version of the paper.

I know that I’m slightly biased, but really that story was crap. Maybe if the paper put more effort into real stories that actually impact us, maybe they wouldn’t have time to make light of 1st graders. I know they say they don’t have people to do such things, but they have enough to poke fun at young people, seems to me they have no excuses.

The most dangerous part about this is that impressions from this one article could affect the community's outlook of the school's programs in their entirety. If they aren't honest in this story, how many other one's did they get wrong.

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