Thursday, February 7, 2008


It seems the school board is up to its usual tricks again. The money forked over is laden with pork. $810,000 for an elementary school design and site development design fee of $110,500. The referendum isn't even passed yet, but already we've spent close to a million. Of course there's the whole Smartboard fiasco, Which seemed like good idea, that is until somebody else tried this Promethean board. Now we have to abandon Smartboard, and go to Promethean.

And to make it worse the district is looking at increasing days, though it would need state approval. Not very likely since the people who need the most help are not exactly voters. Its quite simple. My wife is one of many thats trying to improve schools and out of all the kids she helps, all but one is Hispanic. I won't say if it's right or wrong, but essentially it costs money to hold a kid back for a year... so they just push `em through. This is what makes education a joke, at least around here.

And here's the kicker, this is because of the PACT test, and they are considering dropping that test. They're dropping it, yet our school board is talking about it. Maybe they should try talking to people in the state before going through all the trouble?

To add to the confusion, Valerie is looking at implementing a single calendar. And to make that happen look for another year of two calendars, though they will start a bit later and then within two years they have us all on one schedule. What I'm saying is the calendars will effectively be whittled away, until they are the same...policy change by slow increments, so nobody really notices it and therefor does nothing about it.

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