Saturday, December 12, 2009

I Endorse... Mothers Everywhere

There is something about moms. Not to take away from us dads, but moms tend to put up with all kinds of crap, that I would not. I think they get this from patience, they have some kind of untapped reserve of the stuff. Plus there is all the other stuff, like poop and vomit and blood. I can handle the blood, but the other two? Yuck! And the crying... oh god the crying.

But it is more than just they do stuff that I wouldn't. It is love too. They have the ability to love way outside whatever I can do. I'm impressed, really. Whether it is my own mother or the mother of my children or anybody's mother. I'm gushing so much over mothers, you'd swear it was mother's day. But that is just it, you should appreciate them more than one day a year.

Go home and tell your mom, wife, daughters that you love them for what they are, or will be, and mean it. Hopefully you won't wait, I mean do it before your wife/mom/girlfriend reads this or you get sick and you need her :o)

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