Thursday, May 28, 2009

No Fishing

I find myself in a conundrum. It seems that lately, people want to go fishing in the retention pond behind my house. I really don't know why, I mean, all that is in there is some brim, Not enough to make a meal out of, but enough to play around with I guess. But I wonder, why didn't these people get them a house with a water view like we did?

I am trying to not sound like a NIMBY, but how can I enjoy it, when I am too busy fending off looky-lous and whatnot? I can't believe the nerve of some of these people. I'm trying to stay even keeled but these people park where they are not supposed to park (unless they work for BJWA), they traipse through my yard, (sorta... it isn't really my yard, but it is maintained by me, so it might as well be mine right?) and then it is kinda creepy, because they come kinda late, and I really don't want anybody wandering about... know what I mean?

I bought that house at that place because I would only have 1 neighbor and a sewer pump (yeah I know it sounds gross, but I can say that is the quietest neighbor I ever had). I back into a wetland and the retention pond... except for the people that want to come violate my sense of personal space.

So I ask... am I alone here or should I just accept the inevitable? I mean it would seem that this all could be avoided if the said "law breakers" would come to me or one of my other neighbors and simply ask if they could fish in the "lake". Now I am left wondering, if they are fishing or are they looking around for something to steal? Am I being paranoid? Yeah probably, I really don't anything that is worth stealing, but still...


WileyCoyote said...

Gawd, dontcha just LOVE the socialist mindset of Bluffton - "What's mine is mine, and what's yours is mine, too!"

YOU paid for the property, and YOU have the absolute right to enjoy it. Without them. But you'll never get one of those cops or one of those judges down there to ever see that; they'll tell you to shut up and stop being so "mean" to everyone. Even after your property gets broken into or stolen, it is 'just mean' to deny them anything, because you have it and they don't. ASK me - I spent years dealing with DJJ on just that issue.

BTW, according to SC law, if you mow and care for a piece of property for seven years, it becomes yours - no matter who owned it to start with. That's how Jasper County lost the Port area to Georgia - they dumped river dredge onto it for ten years.

WileyCoyote said...

PS you could always start sunbathing in the nude - or at least in a thong. That'll get 'em.

indy said...

i say go outside on your patio and clean your weapon out there and aim it at the pond. if someone is sitting there at dusk and gets offended then tell them...."oh, i'm sorry i didnt see you." oh omg, and say i almost shot you. you scared me.

i think they will get the point.

i personally would be offended if anyone came in my property. usually they are casing out your house.

Bob G. said...

My sound like ME when I talk about the "locals" in Fort Wayne, Indiana...!


Too many people today have absolutely NO SENSE OF BOUNDARIES.

That needs to change, because THEIR "rights" end where MY property and rights BEGIN.
Simple as that.

However, if THEY want to help PAY the TAXES on this place, they'd be welcome to be here.

I told kids as much already...curmudgeon that I have become.

And I do like that SC law...wish we had it HERE.

Yeah...clean your GUN out there.

Stay safe.

Mad Hatter said...

I might just sun bath in the nude... lol, but I don't know how my wife or kids will like it...

Aunt Bea said...

LOL Bob G, you live in Ft Wayne?

Unreal. I know Ft Wayne - part of my family is from Terre Haute! Sorry to hear it has gone downhill - it used to be a very law-abiding, conservative, and decent community. Can't say the same about SC - it's always been the "You OWE me" state. Hence the honor of being 49th in education (State motto - "Thank God for Mississippi!").