Saturday, May 10, 2008

Early Morning

So here I sit... at 5am on Saturday, a day I'm supposed enjoy sleeping in and the like. Call it another victim of the stroke, I can’t explain how or why. My wife is snoozing away next to me, I really should be asleep. I saw a couple of recent movies lately and I guess now is as good a time as any to comment on them.

The Golden Compass. Before I had the stroke this movie (and books) was hated by Christian types because the author wanted to kill god. You know what? That’s about the only thing this movie relies on. Really in the world of Harry Potter, all it looked like was a cheap imitation. I have the books, I’ll see if it really is about killing Jesus. Though I doubt it.

I am Legend. What a let down. This movie was pretty much like other end of the world/zombie movies. My wife ended up crying at the end… Mostly because her brother died… that’s an inside joke you’ll have to know me to get. The movie has a lot of scary parts, mostly where something jumps out at you, but little else. My daughter quit this one half way through, it’s something that leaves you more stressed out than entertained. Not a good movie.

Now what do I do... maybe I'll try going back to sleep...

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