Monday, September 12, 2011

Soccer Saturdays

Well over the weekend, we had two soccer games... and they were different in just about every way. The game my teenager was in was a cluster... They weren't a team, they were just a gaggle of girl flopping around on the field. It was a learning experience... well I hope so anyway. There was a few bright moments, few and far in-between, but at least there was something. Their coach said it best, now they know what they need to do to turn those weaknesses into strengths. I hope so. Score: 7 - 0.

Now I go to later in the day, and the Songbird in the morning was sick, and was really too sick to play, luckily with the power of medicine and a later game, she felt good enough... Now I asked her and my wife asked her, and we made it abundantly clear that if she didn't feel up to it, we would not go. But she was determined, we had to go. And she was a star. Score: 4 - 2. So opening day was a mixed bag, but I think we all win when we think about what happened. It is just a game after all...

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