Saturday, September 10, 2011


My kids are doing the things that kids do... grow up. In no child is that more apparent than the baby. Which really, she'll be 2 in October, but she has the benefit of being the youngest, so she'll always be my baby. Anyhow, she has a seat in the dining room, (no more highchairs) it is like a booster seat at a restaurant, except it it is secure in that it straps to the chair, she can't flip out of it. But what she can do is a "Dukes of Hazzard" climb out the side. It is funny. She can't push the chair once she is seated, so when she decides she is done, and nobody is paying attention, this is the way she bails.

The Songbird is growing her mind more than anything these days... she can sort of read... not really, but she knows some words. So each night we read 2 or 3 books and it is amazing how much she has progressed.

The teenager is struggling, maybe not so much struggling as she is coming to grips with the real world of high school work, honors/AP work at that. And this year both the teenager and Songbird have soccer practice. That means my Saturdays are a wash, and two week days are long. That's ok, but man I miss having nothing to do.

Back to the little one, we went to Jekyll Island, and paid a visit to Summer Waves water park. She saw all the chase lounges around, and the women laying out getting a tan. Which all seems fine. Then our baby says to me, "Go night-night" and "awwwwww." Basically she was wishing them a good sleep, as they were laying with eyes closed, so she thought they were going to sleep.

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