Sunday, September 4, 2011

Interim Report Time

It must be school time again, because already I hear to fights about grades. Whether it is a person making "F's" and their parents being happy with "C's" or even "D's" to Someone making "C's" and their parents want them to make "A-B's" it seems the struggle is never-ending. It really doesn't matter (from the parents point of view) it is whatever the child is doing, it likely isn't enough. Meanwhile for the kid, he/she likely feels a little overwhelmed plus there is that whole understanding that is rarely fully understood that your grade point average is easily pulled down, not so easily pulled back up. (At least that is how it is at my house)

So my teenager says... "what do you want me to do? Make "A's" every-time?" Well... yeah, that would be a good start. Even better would be a true understanding by the teenager that I was not put on this earth for the sole purpose of making her life a living hell. I mean, I guess I could try, since I am already half way there (or better). My daughter is on the track that will lead to college, something I didn't really have (I could have, but it was much easier to join the Army, see the world... blah,blah,blah) and her mother's side of the family... let's just say they don't hold doing well in school as high as I do. But it really is not a problem, or that isn't THE problem.

Let me put it this way... I want my daughter to have the best life that she possibly can. With that comes sacrifices, a bit of work, of quite a bit of arguing (apparently). I'm doing all I can, though really, by the time they're a teenager, what can be done? Anyway, I think part of the problem is now that she is in high school, she is going to classes that have some sophomores, juniors, and seniors in them (she is a sophomore) and she wants to be around some senior/juniors and do what they do. All fine and good, but she is on a different track. So how do I get my kid to understand that while yes, it may be cool to hang with upper class-men, They are finishing up their high school and she is just beginning.

And tell me again why I care? I mean it really doesn't affect me. So all of this fighting and whatnot is for what? To make sure that she doesn't make a mistake that she will regret later in life. But it is her life, not mine. Always walking the tightrope.

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