Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A/C is Down... Again, Sorta'

So it seems lately that everything is breaking or broken. I know, because I fix things for a living, that we are having some bad luck lately. I say that, because nobody really thinks there stuff is breaking just to spite them. At least I don't.

But anyway you see we have a central A/C unit and it has two zones. One for downstairs and one for upstairs. Well our upstairs unit is acting up. Since the downstairs unit is working fine, and they pretty much share a bunch of the same stuff, I can eliminate much of the outside unit, and the inside unit. In my mind, it could either be a control problem (big bucks) or a damper (much cheaper and fixable) Our unit has two dampers, so that if one zone is hot and the other is cold, the damper will close to the one that is cold and just work on the one that is hot. It does this instead of using two whole units. It is cheaper, and it makes troubleshooting a breeze.

Now too the uninformed something big and expensive like an A/C unit may seem a little daunting. And it may be for me too as I have no refrigeration license. But for less than $75, it may be just the ticket (the damper that is). So I ordered the damper, and while I am waiting, there was/is a whole bunch of people who say... let a professional do it...or worse yet, have the thing on a contract. Well if only I had that kind of money just laying around. It just aint in the cards for me... so wish me luck as a move forward with this. Some people because of age or work or whatever can afford to have their A/C looked at by someone else. I just can't. I can dream, but that is about it. Meanwhile I ordered the part and will try to fix it myself... if I am right I don't expect a parade in my honor, but a small party wouldn't hurt, or at least the big piece of chicken.

NSFW, but really funny, Chris Rock talks about Daddy and the big piece of chicken.

I'll have to let everyone know how it goes...

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