Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Me, Same as The Old Me

Well it is hard to believe, but my job is going to end, sort of. Basically I'm moving on to greener pastures, but I'm staying in the same house and keeping the same employer. Actually if I want my old job back, I could probably have it, but it is supposed to be all about moving up, not just staying static. So that is what I'm doing. Movement. But it is scary, any time someone has to move and start off somewhere new... it's scary.

I'm hoping that I will win the news people over and the new place will be just as nice as the old. But you just never know... until it is too late. But that is why we do what we do. So it is time, time to put on a happy face, smile a whole lot, be helpful and in general be nice. That is pretty much how I always am, so it shouldn't be all that hard. But I am entering a difficult situation. Just keep on smiling and helping, and eventually it will all be worth it.

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