Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Line Up Adjustment

So much has happened in the last year. Like for one everybody got a year older. For the littlest of my clan, she went from being 1 to 2, basically she will have doubled her time in the business. Not bad if you ask me. I have been fiddling with my blog somewhat. I’m thinking about moving my as of yet unnamed music day to Monday, for obvious reasons. So Daily Affirmations will be on Wednesday, Classic Film Friday will remain, and Soccer Saturday will all stay where they are and Music Monday will round out the week. That leaves me with three days to talk about whatever.

That seems pretty good. I have given up on the BlogJam. Well I won’t say given up, but its status is comatose so unless someone wakes it up, I guess it will stay that way. I really wanted for the BlogJam to work, but heck who has time to go a make a blog and then keep it updated with regular content? On the list, I’d say no more than 4-5 people (at most) really it is more like 2-3. It is what it is. I will hold out in hopes that more people (with the BT going away, or at least looking like they are going away) perhaps creating an outlet.

Your comments are always welcome here. Honestly I only delete SPAM that I can remember anyway. But that is the cool thing about having your own blog you can let everyone comment or nobody comment or something in-between. You can be as right or left as you want and you can also be as correct or incorrect… because it is yours. I like that. Now I will say that if you want to be taken seriously, you have to at least base something on fact, you can’t claim crazy things… or you could, if you want to be laughed at.

No doubt, I am the source of someone’s entertainment, maybe many people. That is ok, I try to be funny (sometimes). Because in the end if you can’t laugh at yourself and the silly things you’ve done… what can you do?

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