Monday, August 1, 2011

Cancer is Still a Bitch

I haven't spoke on this much, I really don't know why. My mother underwent surgery, a lumpectomy, the surgery was unsuccessful. The doctor was partly to blame and my mom has to share some of that blame as well. Basically, we went in and found more lumps that were cancerous. She will need a mastectomy. And then comes the whole reconstruction thing, plus she still has to go on the radiation and chemo afterward. It is a long time before my mom will feel like a whole person (if she ever feels like a whole person).

So we are doing the best that we can do... I mean I can do nothing but worry, so I keep worrying. My mother seems in good spirits and so that is good. She still has much to do, many appointments to make, places to go. I feel for her. I can't make any of the steps for her, but she doesn't really need me to do it for her anyway, but still ... you want to do for your mother (at least I do). Cancer is a long haul, no matter what the prognosis. There is good and bad with that, I guess my best bet is to take the good and forget about the bad.

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