Monday, August 8, 2011

Here We Go

Well not to brag to much on myself, but I will (just a little bit). Things at work have improved tremendously (not that it was all that bad). Basically things have expanded and I am going to reap the rewards of that expansion. I can't or won't go into too much detail but it looks like I could call the lowcountry home for a long time. This is a good thing because I really didn't feel this confidant 6 months to a year ago.

Now I just need to bone up on my leadership skills and work hard to not make the mistakes of my predecessor. I've worked for years to get to this point, now it just takes a small leap of faith to take it to the next level. That is the "hard" part. Nobody likes change. Everybody wants it, but nobody likes it. Everybody thinks they like it because they don't actually think it will be them who changes. Always someone else. This time it is me (hopefully). Nothing is set in stone as of yet. But I think (hope) that my long range plans (though they took a bit longer than I imagined) will come to fruition and I will not have to move to ascend the career ladder... So far so good.

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