Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Hope I Don't Foget Where I Came From

Lately things at work have been see-sawing like crazy. One minute of happiness can turn into 3 minutes of shear terror, 5 minutes later, it is all roses again. I hate that, hell I don't think anyone really likes it, save some masochistic fools. As I climb the proverbial career ladder, I'm reminded of the little guy, who tries and tries and tries... but never wins the respect of his bosses, and I will someday be that boss.

I understand that as a boss you feel pressure from above to be better, do more with less, make chicken pie out of chicken shit. But I still remain loyal to the little guy, and understand that though we may want something to be a certain way, wanting something and the way it really is... are two completely different things.

A buddy of mine is an A/C mechanic. It is a time of year that isn't kind to A/C units here in the south. There was a problem with one of the units he takes care of... his boss found that it was because it had not been cleaned properly. Well yes, and no. The reason it had not been cleaned properly is because to do the job means taking the A/C down and thoroughly cleaning the unit (while it is not running). Okay, so when can he really do that? If he does it now the A/C will be down and thus people will complain, and my buddy is suddenly not doing "his job" or he could wait until it is cooler, but then he is seen as being lazy.

Either way he loses, but he is an excellent A/C mechanic, who just can't catch a break. I don't know what to say or do in situations like this. I understand each person's point of view, but it doesn't really solve anything. I hope that when I do become the boss I have the patience to hear my subordinates out before jumping on the "stomp on the little guy" bandwagon. At least I would hope so...

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