Sunday, August 21, 2011

Damn Kids Just Keep Growing Up...

Augustus (the baby) is learning that by putting words together, she can make sense. Yes it's true. The other day she said "Meow eat um-um (food)." I know to those folks that don't have kids or forgot what it was like to see the beginning of communication... it might not seem like much. But she is stringing words together, sometimes not making any sense (to us) but still she tries.

There is still the one word yells, usually when she wants something. "Muck" (milk) or "Juice" or "ahmi" (any lunch meat, but specifically salami). I can't remember the Songbird being so vocal about everything. And that is fine, a quiet kid is a good kid. Anyway once they learn to talk, it is just about impossible to get them to shut up. So I'm just sitting back and watching the interactions between the 3 kids, and us parents and marveling at it all.

The teenager has come along. We can trust her a bit now. Though I expect to be disappointed by her at any second. It is what it is. She likes being at the high school, she understands that it is work to keep her grades up and it will only get harder from here. Maybe, just maybe beating my head against the wall has made a small dent. We will see.

The Songbird broke our hearts again this week. She lost her first tooth this week. My wife cried. Which was interesting because she did not cry when she went off to kindergarten. But I certainly am no expert on the ways of women... but I boo hooed like a baby when I took the teenager to kindergarten, so I at least understand.

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