Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Hidden Meaning Behind "Eye Yah"

My littlest has been growing by leaps and bounds. Not just with her size, but with her ability to talk and tell us what she wants. This is good because I stay lost with females, be they are 2 or 62, and I live with all of them. Anyway the baby has started a kind of language all her own. If you hear her saying "Eye Yah!" something is hard and she can't quite get it. So she (I guess) is projecting her will with a "Eye yah!" and trying it a bit harder. Which is funny, but it can quickly end in frustration so you better not laugh too long.

This can be putting on clothes, climbing up (on something that she may/may not have permission to climb up on) something (like the sofa or bed) or it could be a toy she wants to get to do something a certain way... and it is not working for her. It is amusing and it perplexes us as well, because, how did a karate chop (the "Eye yah") become my daughter's go to phrase? If you hear it... chances are my daughter is nearby. That or you have walked into a ninja battle...

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