Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Check Your Mail

I come from a rather large family. I mean I have 6 sisters and 2 brothers just in my immediate family. 4 sisters and 1 brother are my friend on facebook. 1 sister has disowned me... she is the daughter of my step-mother and father. I don't know how I could reconcile with her, she is too much like her mother (crazy) and I simply can't suffer that. The remaining sister and brother either do not have a computer, or are not on facebook. I don't have their phone numbers either, so I am regulated to talking to them when I go down to visit or I happen to call my dad when one of them is over at his house.

I was going through the mail the other day... you know, that stuff with a stamp on the outside, and someone magically delivers to your door (except Sundays)... the same stuff that all your (or some if you don't have the option to end paper billing from your bank) bills come from. And what did I see? A card, addressed to me. Was it some long lost girlfriend? Was it my ex? Was it a stalker? None of the above. It was from my brother and it was rather nonchalant. Just kind of checking in to see how I have been. All I have is an address, so I'm writing him back.

My brother and I had a love/hate relationship. He did a lot of mean stuff to me. But I don't think it was any different than any other older brother did to any other younger brother. We were boys... plain and simple. Sort of like the Wonder Years... except maybe not as nice, a little more violent, more illegal (breaking things drinking/smoking, that sort of thing) but real all the same. Now all I can hope is there is nothing wrong with him... you know, has cancer, or 6 months to live, or anything like that. I wrote him back, and for now I'll just wait and see. Who does that anymore? I guess my brother does.

Thinking back on all the good times we had, with nothing... we didn't know how good we had it when we had nothing. And maybe that is just it... we didn't have anything so all we could have is each other. Now I know that sounds like a sappy Lifetime movie of the week... better used on a woman/man relationship, not between brothers, but it is what it is.Or I should say was what it was. Perhaps this will be a new relationship... one with no wedgies or frog punches or gross farting. One can hope... Yes?

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