Saturday, March 26, 2011


So I know I didn't exactly advertise this. Not so much because it was last minute, but because we had literally too much other shit going on... I failed to mention it. Today (Saturday) we make a mini-vacation by getting into our minivan and driving up to Atlanta. While there we will get the CityPass, and enjoy everything on it... Zoo, Aquarium, Coke, CNN, Fernbank Museum of Natural History. It will be 4 days of us being tourists. I will of course have some pictures and whatnot to share.

We feel like we really need the time to just let our hair down. Taxes and job interviews and just stressed out in general... it will be nice to get away. But it is only temporary. We did wonder... should we go the beach route or someplace like Atlanta route. I figured we will have plenty of time to go to the beach once it warms up, Atlanta, nobody wants to be in Atlanta when it is 95+ degrees outside. At least that was my lopsided reasoning. For now, if you are reading this on Saturday, I am already gone, probably on I-16...

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