Monday, March 28, 2011

Blogs Are A Lot Like Assholes...

There is a problem with blogging about national problems, mianly that you can talk about it until you are blue in the face (that is from either side) it won't change a thing. It doesn't matter if you are a union supporter or follow a free market mentality... you getting online and voicing your opinion won't change squat.

Sometimes if you call your representative, be it in state or national, then it might make a difference. But jumping on a newspaper website and decrying Obamacare or what you think is wrong about the Wisconsin Governor... gets nothing at all accomplished, besides making you feel better. But more likely than not you will be too busy defending your stance from the opposition, who will never change his/her mind, no matter how hard you try to enjoy yourself. Both are idiots (that being the opposition and you), and both think they put the other in his/her place. Aint it grand?

So I might suggest that you, the proverbial you, think for just a minute, and put your strength and energy into something that you can change. Do what you like, which I am going to go out on a limb here... It probably isn't arguing with someone over the internet. Find the things you might agree on. If you know something isn't getting the attention it should, focus on that. I think debate is good and necessary, but on matters of national importance, not really. talk to your elected officials, and let them do what we elected them to do. If they won't listen or hold the opposition's viewpoint, work on getting someone who will take your point of view.

It is so easy to jump online and be the critic to each and every comment. It is so much harder to actually be the person taking in all points of view, and making a decision based on that. Harder still to take it to a national level. But anyone running for a particular office should know this. You "could" find yourself being a critic, and if you are ask if you really know the particular problem, the options available, and the best way to fix it. Then get ready for the onslaught of people ready to tear you limb from limb. That is why I don't so much comment on national happenings.

I used to be a critic of the school district. And I do from time to time, have some snarky things to say about a particular subject. I don't do that too much anymore. But like I said if you do, then know what is wrong and know how to fix it, and then suggest this to your elected official... otherwise you like to look foolish or you might want to keep your mouth shut.

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Aunt Bea said...

Tru dat.
When you say they are like assholes, they blow off a lot of steam and hot air, and sometimes have something solid to produce. Therefore for some they are necessary venting. For others - with nothing else to do but be nasty and troll - they are targets, rather like the hot warm air that attracts mosquitoes.
Which is why I say what I want, when I want, cheerfully and happily farting into the wilderness, and snicker at the trolls who try to insist that their sewage is sweeter. LOL. ROFLMAO. Mostly, though, I am in the middle of calving, or weaning, or slaughtering, or planting, or greenhousing, or harvesting, or selling - so I have become too busy to tell people WHY I do what I do, what I think, or what I feel. Unlike the trolls, I HAVE a life - that doesn't take words but action. Too bad they'll never get that...
Love ya, Ryan!
Keep your blog open, or you might get contipated... ;->