Monday, March 21, 2011


So the school district in it's infinite wisdom has backed up a bit. They are still cutting literacy coaches by 50% but for any school that has over 650 students they get to keep their full time coach. Well except they are making all people go through the interview process. And they actually want as part of the interview process the interviewee to give a class to "teachers" (Principals and District Admin) and judge each person and then give them (or not) a job to whichever school.

That sounds a little crazy, because it is. My wife only wants to work where she is at now. If someone else wants her, she will simply back away and take a regular teacher job. Remember, the pay is the same, other than getting more responsibility, it is a bit of a thankless job. Well I say that, but honestly, she gets rewarded from all around. Teachers, kids, principals, parents even... So how will this roller-coaster ride end?

Well I guess we will see... I keep telling my wife, that it doesn't really matter, but we all know that it does matter. It matters to my wife. And so there you go. It reminds me of a Coolio song... Fantastic Voyage. Why? Because the district is making all of these demands, for what? Nothing I think. Which is the point of the video... is it a dream or is it real? My wife got the job... She should have, but anyway, things are mellow, at least until the next budget meeting...

Coolio - Fantastic Voyage by Drunken-Li-Dragon

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