Sunday, March 13, 2011

Turkeys!!! ... Again

I woke up to the songbird, talking to the turkeys... yeah not really, but she did (rather loudly) say hey, look turkeys! But something strange happened. There was a buzzard in the mix (not pictured, he flew away while I got the camera) and the turkeys were trying to fight with it. Right there in my backyard. The buzzard apparently had enough and flew away, though I have no idea why it was there to begin with.

Yep, this must be at or close to mating season. You can see the boys are all pumped up, showing their feathers and generally strutting around.

Here we see it was time to go, no more looking at turkeys. And thus the turkey flew away, although, not so much the males. The females took to the air, while the males were willing to just walk/run a short distance. Male ego involved? Maybe.

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