Monday, February 21, 2011

More Stupid Things

I was talking over with the wife about stupid things you did as a kid... And I remembered even more. They may not rank as high, but they are fairly stupid. I don't know how/why I did them, but anyway...

I once, in the 3rd grade, stapled my thumb. It was not an accident. I didn't think a stapler would go through my nail. I was wrong. So very wrong. I thought my thumb nail was harder than it really is... If you have to do it for yourself, go ahead, but I can honestly say, it isn't worth it, the stapler will win.

I almost killed my father while trawling in Port Sulfur. Why? Well I love my father, and I would never do anything to hurt him, but I almost did. Basically he was at the back of the boat, working with the trawl. I was back at the steering wheel/throttle control (about mid boat). we was working the trawl and I was just killing time, the wind started blowing us off course, I kept telling my father that I was going to give the boat a bit of gas to put us back on course. He told me not to worry about that. I worried, gave it a bit of gas, which made my dad unsteady and almost fall into the trawl. Thankfully he caught himself, and I didn't worry about it any more.

My bother did even sillier things, you know, went for a joy ride in my father's car, without dad knowing about it, shot out lights, windows, Christmas lights, people with his BB gun, set a 6ft privacy fence on fire... if I was a little bit of trouble he was trouble by the truckload. My wife's brother was also trouble, he painted or marker-ed all of her Barbie dolls black... every last one of them. He also got into trouble with his BB gun by shooting the pool, thus breaking the liner, and ruining the pool.

She also told me (After having some time to think about it) a story of her and her bother playing in the attached garage, her brother totally bluffed my wife (who was older... just so you know) into thinking she was stuck inside. Her brother closed the garage and ran away saying "haha... you are stuck in here." And she completely fell for it. So much so that she broke a window to yell for help. Yeah, she could have opened the door, but she was a very "goody two shoes" kind of girl, and being trapped horrified her. And she did what she did. But really, she still can blame her brother.

So does this mean males are prone to more risky events? I don't know, but from my not very scientific cross-section it would seem that way, but I have 6 sisters, and I know they can start trouble too. But with all those sisters, their problems could all be traced back to a boy... so I wonder.

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