Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Songbird

The Songbird is about to turn 5. That seems crazy... but I can't believe the teenager is as old as she is either. Maybe when my kids are grown up, they will look back at all the memories I written about here and they can make a book and million's of dollars... or maybe not. It is strange how time never stands still, ever. Even when you are dead time just keeps on moving.

This year we are opting for a birthday party at home... with arts and crafts projects galore. It is strange to be having this at home since the wife and I thought we have gotten smarter over the years, and thus had the party at somewhere other than our house, because you have to clean like mad before and after the party, whereas if you have it someplace else, you don't. But who am I to go against the grain?

The child has grown so much. She is reading... a little, and I guess she should since she is the daughter of a Literacy teacher. She cannot change the car's oil or fix dinner, but she can help. And that is all we can hope for right? She loves her little sister and her big sister too. And she likes a lot of stuff I'd have never guessed she'd like. For instance football, Hot Wheels cars, dinosaurs, "boy cartoons", transformers, and most of all sausage.

Now I know I have to play with Barbie and house and kitchen and her little make-up parlor deal. But I can usually throw in a dinosaur or transformer into the mix. Not only does that offer a variety, it is also expanding her mind. But I'm an old hand at that sort of thing. Heck I've been playing since I was born.

We watch old Godzilla flicks together, blow bubbles, go exploring together... heck I know that she really is a mama's girl, but I know deep down she is a daddy's girl. Why? because I am the fun one, mommy is the safe one. Not taking anything away from her mother, it is what it is. Besides I think when kids get about 5 to 7 years old, they know how to play both sides of the fence.

So Happy Birthday Songbird! I know you will have a good one!

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