Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

You know, for men, at least the men I know... this is isn't a very good time. The next day, well then it is open season, but on this very superficial day, all bets are off. It isn't because we don't want to be romantic, but honestly if you are with someone and they wait until this day to show how much they love you... well I would think long and hard about that one.

Because this day comes with such expectations, many a man I know would rather just skip it. Have you been to the stores lately? Have you seen everything they say not to give your special someone, and yet they it is at every turn. The candy, the flowers, and/or the fuzzy teddy bear. Nobody really wants shit like that... yet there it is at every possible turn you may come to in the road.

And that is the pitfall that many men find themselves in, the whole I don't know what she wants... I'll just get her some roses or candy or (though I can't see why) a stuffed animal. Maybe you want to spice things up a bit and go with lingerie... Unless you know what size your SO (significant other) is and you know she will love it... I recommend against it. And if you are just dating? hahahahahaha... run, do not walk... run!

Perhaps a good dinner out will be nice. You and about 47,000,000 other people have the same idea, which means... long lines, long waits... oh isn't that romantic? Hardly. Jewelry? Sure if you got the money for that, but it has been my experience, it doesn't really do much. So what does that leave me with? Well I can't really comment on anyone else, but for me I find that sweet spot. Something that is too expensive for her to justify spending the money on herself, but if it were given to her she'd be happy. You have to talk to your SO to figure out where or what that sweet spot is, hell it may not exist, but talk and see. Many a question can be answered, without her even knowing it, until it is too late, and then you look like an old pro, because you simply listened. Take that to the bank. I got mine a mani/pedi that she would never get for herself, but then again I'm stupid, I'll buy it ;o) 

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