Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Make `Em Big

Well, here we are... at the 95 percentile. Yep My daughter is "big". We've already had the "talk" from doctors and we are aware... very aware, of the fact that is a big girl. But I am 6'4 (pretty tall) and my wife is 5'7 (very average) so what do you expect? My daughter is already starting to slim down a bit. We don't call her Augustus nearly as much. Now she is more like a "caveman". She grunts and does these one syllable screeches to get what she wants. She will also bite (something the other two kids have never done) if she is mad enough. Well I never made her that mad... or if I did I made sure I was far enough away to not have to worry about being bitten.

She has hit or pushed me out of her way but that sort of thing is expected from a 15-month-old. We (my wife and I) keep her in check, but I think this one will be a test of wills, that may even rival the current teenager. Still life is good. I mean yeah we are in debt up to our eyeballs and there is always a chance we may have to find a different job, but when has is not been that way? Exactly.

So back to kids and important stuff. I can't believe January is almost over. It seems like just yesterday we were carving up the Thanksgiving turkey. Time flys when your having fun, or so the cliche goes. In less than a month the Songbird will be 5. And in preparation for that, her transition from daycare, to real school. It really isn't so bad, since my wife will be right there at the school everyday. But it seems funny to be saying that she will be moving on. And to make even less since of everything, by the time Augustus/caveman is 5, my oldest will be out of the house. And I will be a really old man. Well, I will feel really old anyway. That is what kids are good for right? making you look/feel/become old. Thanks kids.

And oh congratulations to my daughter for being in the 95 percentile... way to strive for the "A". lol

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