Sunday, January 9, 2011

Just One Letter Off...

Ok so I had a neighbor in New Orleans who's name was Mayo. Well there is all kinds of ways that it could be misunderstood. You see my little sister insisted on calling them Mato, which turned into Tomato and thus we lived right next to the tomatoes.

Why did I think of this? No clue, but that is not the only time I have taken the tomatoes name in vain. When I lived in Spartanburg we were right next to the fire station... or at least a few houses down. Why is that important? Well it is safe... at least from a fire anyway. Also there was a tornado siren. Yep the teenager, at the time a little one, called a tornado a tomato. And thus we had all kinds of fun with that. Why is it so funny to hear someone screaming "a tomato is coming! A tomato is coming!"? Because it just is.

And not to be outdone, my ex-wife once came to me and said, "Why is the tornado siren going off? it isn't Saturday?" (They would test the siren once a month on Saturdays) "Because there is a real tornado dipshit..." It is no wonder we are no longer together.

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