Tuesday, January 4, 2011

State of Affairs

Well, what can I say? It is a new year and some perspective is in order I guess. I don't like to say this... but I think that maybe this blog thing has run its course. This didn't turn out like I had wanted to... and honestly I'm tired and there really isn't anyone reading this anyway. So what do I do from here? Well at first I could just sign off and not look back... but that really isn't my style. I like to finish things up. But really, it never started.

I've lost myself. I used to rally against the school board, well as my wife moves closer and closer to a position of authority that would make me against myself. That doesn't work. I know there are things that are wrong with the system. I know that there are bad teachers, bad principals, and bad upper admin. folks everywhere. I will leave it up to someone else to point them out. It doesn't take a genius or a super secret spy skills to know where to look. I don't feel like "if you can't beat them join them" but in a way, I guess that is what I am believing. The thing that I would pay attention to, more than anything else is watch the people who work for you... your elected officials.

I also used to like to be a thorn in the side of the local paper. I won't even waste my or anyone else's time with this. They are too few, to be anything but a human interest-company written mouth piece. There is nothing else... well they do have pages and pages of VOX, but whatever.

So where does that leave me? Maybe if I had a bigger following, or maybe if this Lowcountry Blog Jam would have taken off, or something... anything really, that is anything but nothing. This time away I got more in touch with actually living my life than documenting it. And life has been good. I'm not saying that life has been perfect, because it has not been, but it has been close enough.

I've written all this stuff, but I still haven't said where I will go from here. I think I will feel my way for a while. I guess I won't stress out over whether or not I have a post everyday. Not that I really stressed out about it, but now I will even worry about it less so. I would like to add more members to the Blog Jam, I would like to have more people to read my blog, I would also like the winning lottery numbers as well.

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