Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Done With the Cold

So I know it is January, and it is supposed to be cold, and it seems like every year I want it to be cold when it is hot and hot when it is cold. Once Christmas comes and goes... I'm pretty much done with it being cold. By the New Year, forget about it. I'm just sayin... this bit of cold weather is a lot more than I want living in the "little toe" of South Carolina. It has has been in the 30's for a month? maybe two? Crazy talk.

I've lived up North and out West... you know, places where it snows regularly. And we don't have it like they do. 1 we don't really have the heating systems. A heat pump might be economical, but walking around the house wrapped up in a blanket really does not evoke pictures or warmth. It doesn't snow here, so all of the fun sledding, skiing, snowmen, snowball fights... all that stuff, it just doesn't happen. All we really get is cold, damp, and miserable. At least we don't have to worry about car accidents and whatnot from ice storms.

About the only thing I can say is... with all this cold, below freezing weather we've had... going outside on the one or two days it has been above 60, makes it nice because the cold weather killed the mosquito population. Still I need to remember this in July when it is hotter than the devil's ass crack outside. But I'm ready for it to be warmer.

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