Saturday, January 29, 2011

Good Does Not Equal Cheap... Or Does It?

I know there is a lot of people up in arms over the Taco Bell thing. Why? I have no idea. How else could you get the tacos so cheap? People just don't think sometimes. I know that tacos from Taco Bell are nasty, but I like them anyway. Have you seen Burger King's BK STUFFED STEAKHOUSE? If anyone claims that is anything better that Taco Bell's taco... they must be smoking crack.

I can't believe BK is trying to sell this... at least they do put their ingredients up for you to see. But anyway I'm torn by this subject. I want the best... but when you pay for the cheapest, you can't really complain when you find out you get anything but the cheapest. I mean if it were 100% ground round, taco's would cost a dollar or two more than they do now. And I'm not sure they would taste any better.

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