Friday, January 21, 2011

Classic Film Friday: Harum Scarum

Well it is an Elvis flick. but some of  the plot would work today as it did (or didn't... it is an Elvis movie) back then. Johnny Tyronne (Elvis) is a movie star and he is promoting his newest flick in Pakistan. He gets kidnapped, along with some singing of course, and he now finds himself in quite a pickle. The assassins want him to kill the king. If he does not then he faces the assassins and their threat to kill him and along with some orphans. Oh my... So what will he do?

I know this movie isn't one of Elvis's best, but in certain respects some of the plot makes more sense (with the war over in Afghanistan, 9-11, and so on) than it would pre-9-11. Also thanks to TMC for finally making us able to preview the movie here:

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