Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oh Yeah, You Are Still Punished

So on top of everything being broken, and the Wiggles, and dance class, and the multitudes of other equally important things revolving in my world... we still have to deal with discipline of my daughter, who went and signed up for ROTC with out us knowing about it. I'm fine with her being in ROTC, however I'm not necessarily ok with the extra stuff that is involved. And she is graded for it, or so she says.

It is like this, she wanted to be in ROTC (regardless of what we wanted) and this means it will take even more time from which time is a precious resource, so it is in limited supply. But still that is fine. If she really wants to be in ROTC, then so be it. However lying about it (being in ROTC and then lying about the requirements) really is just not cool at all.

I've tried everything imaginable to come up with a fair punishment that still allows my daughter to go through ROTC. But I keep coming up empty handed. So what have I come up with? She has to tell the truth for a month and look for employment. That really doesn't sound like a punishment does it? More like a goal or even just a nice way to be. But this is the best I can come up with. When you consider that my daughter is the carbon copy of my ex-wife, and she lied about anything and everything, you take what you can get. She already has limits on just about anything you can do... no TV in her room, no computer access unless one of us is around, we want to know who she is with and want her friends to come over to our house... yes I know I'm awful, but still I hope this will all be worth it... one day.

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