Monday, October 4, 2010

Got Employment?

I listened to my mom the other day tell me how a lot of nurses are out of work. Which sounds crazy to me. You see my mom is a CNO (Chief Nursing Officer) for a hospital in Louisiana. I call her the "chief of all nurses" because... well she is my mother and she often reads this blog and I respect her. But anyway, why are these nurses out of work?

I mean it has always been one of the safe havens whether the economy is good or bad... you can't really control when you are going to get sick. It just happens, many times tragically, sometimes (most times) it catches you completely off guard. Like my wife needing to have her gall bladder removed or me having a stroke. You just never know when your time is coming.

So why then is there a glut of nurses? Is it because we've simply trained too many? Is it older nurses are staying on, past their retirement age because of the downturn? Is it the economy (though I just said you can't really say that, but maybe it is) stupid? I can't really say for sure, it may be a mixture of the bunch. But if a supposedly recession-proof jobs are having trouble, just imagine what it is like for everyone else... 

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