Monday, October 18, 2010


I was told this story by my wife. I had no idea or inclination of any trouble but anyway here goes...

My wife notices that the Songbird was a little figgity while reading her a bedtime story. She thought nothing of it... but should have. So they go into her bedroom to change clothes. She is still wiggling, so my wife asks

"What is wrong?"

And the Songbird says, "Is there still poop there?"

My wife replies "Why would there be poop there?"

Songbird says, "I went potty."

While this conversation is taking place, the Songbird gets naked, gets on top of her bed and sticks her butt up in the air. And lord have mercy... Code Brown! Yes, there was poop in there, lots and lots of poop. In fact there was so much poop it is a wonder any made it into the toilet, because it seemed like it was stuck up in her crack.

It took three wipies and smelled really, really bad. Even the Songbird said it stunk, you know it must have been bad if the offender is offended. So she got a refresher on how the wipe her butt, and we hope this is the last time she needs the hygiene talk.

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