Friday, October 29, 2010

Classic Film Friday: The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms

Here is a movie that finds itself near the beginning of a slew of giant monster movies. I think it is better than most, but that is just me. Basically We are testing some nuclear explosions in the north pole area. And an explosion frees a "Rhedosaurus" (not an actual dinosaur, but who is gonna' say?) that was frozen for millions of years. People spot the monster, but they are all taken as crazy.

That is until the monster starts wrecking New York City. Then it is a catastrophe. So the first man that saw the creature is validated but the monster goes on a rampage... and (at the time) kills 180 people, injures 1,500, and does about 300 million in damages.

So whats a guy to do? Bullets seem to have no effect on it and killing it seems like a bad idea anyway because it is infecting people with some prehistoric germs that is only made worst when they make the monster bleed.

Science is the answer, a radio active isotope, fired by a sharpshooter, into the wound already created is our only hope. So I watched this with the Songbird and I must say we liked the "campy-ness" of the movie and the fact that it was not too scary that a 4-year-old couldn't view it. Plus I got all kinds of tips for what I would/should do if I ever am attacked by a giant dinosaur. Which makes the film educational as well. Ok, not really. See what you think.

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