Saturday, October 2, 2010

The MadHatter Goes to Homecoming

Bluffton High is 6-0 so far. Wow, I don't think my high school won 6 games in the whole 4 years I went there. But you must remember, I was used to being a loser. I mean our professional team was the Saints, and unitl last year, they were the perennial loser. Anyway, my daughter, the teen aged witch, had a ROTC "thing" there at the football field, so I figured I'd go too... and bring along the Songbird with me so I wouldn't be all alone. I was brought back into high school, and how a football game really is not about football, at least not to most kids. It is a social gathering, and permission to act like an idiot.

So anyway, trying to actually watch the game was tough, but not overly so. I have to say, Bluffton has a good defense, could use some help in the secondary, the offense was ok, I mean they only completed 2 passes the whole game, but then again when you can just run it in, well why do anything else? They also scored a TD on special teams, returned a kickoff... which negated one of the touchdowns of Lake Marion. I guess what I'm trying to say is... the game was a little boring. 27 -12 is nothing to sneeze at, but I felt they might have opened it up with a few more passes. Still I told my daughters of how I could never remember a team doing so well at the high school level. Go Bobcats!

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