Saturday, October 23, 2010

Birthday Time!

So it seems like it has been not all that long ago, but in fact it has been a whole year that my youngest came to be actually the 22, (but today we are having the party). She was rather big, the heaviest at birth of the three children I have, and there was the TTN that I have never experienced in any of my brothers and sisters or my own kids.  Even made my wife's gall bladder have to be removed, the seemingly endless ear infection of the summer. But we got through it all.

This child is more loving, more snuggle-bunny than any before her. She is also louder and more vocal in her frustrations and displeasure... if she finds herself in such a predicament. She is her own person, as all kids are, it is watching her navigate this world that simply amazes me. We all made it, but actually seeing it done by someone besides yourself really is a wonder. And so Happy Birthday "Augustus". We love you and know that you love us. This is just your 1st year, but a special one nonetheless.

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