Monday, October 25, 2010

A Little Miffed

I'm not saying I am for cancer or that I hate breasts, but come on people did we have to give the whole month of October to the ta-tas? I mean everyone is all about the boobs. Open the paper or turn on the TV, they're all out there saving the boobs.  NFL guys are wearing pink shoes, pink ribbons everywhere, "Save the Ta Ta's" bumper stickers and T-shirts... it is a bit much.

Again, I am for research and screening, but I think the whole breast cancer thing is really overblown. Now of course not for those who may have breast cancer, I feel sorry for you if you do, but I'm wondering are you seeing any benefit with the increased exposure? Any new breakthroughs? Anything at all? I think sex sells and boobs make a good cause. Women have them and men like them... it is a win-win for everyone. Meanwhile lung and colon cancer aren't nearly as sexy to "save" as the bouncing boobies can be. Which I think is a bit hypocritical...but that is just me.

My dad had throat cancer, the boss I have now had leukemia, my wife's side of the family had breast cancer, lung cancer and my grandmother died from colon cancer. Maybe instead of just dividing it up, we should just say cancer sucks, early detection is key, get check-ups regularly, and hope for a cure. Honestly, I've yet to be flashed by a breast cancer survivor, and that is ok, but that is what men think about when you say "save the Ta-Ta's" Which is kind of gross when you really sit down and think about it. Thankfully we don't have long in the month.

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