Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hoping for a Change

I already told you about my car's A/C going out... again. Basically the part that was fixed (the clutch) went out again, apparently it was defective before they put it in. At least that is what the dealership is telling me. But to make it good, they are fixing it at no additional charge (yes, because I have no money) and I get to drive around in a brand new shiny Honda Accord while they fix my car. All I have to do is put back however much gas I take. That seems fair, actually more than fair, since everything has been going to opposite way for me lately.

This was the first broken thing that can be fixed (even though I already had it fixed a month ago for $770) and I am putting a positive spin on things to make the rest of the broke stuff easier on me... Maybe. Now I have a camera that will cost $100-200 to repair, a computer that hopefully can be fixed on the cheap (haven't heard back yet) and the big ticket item, my TV, that I can't get fixed, or it isn't worth fixing because it is old technology stuff. but it was a 57" TV, and finding one that will fit where the old one went will be a shopping adventure, plus I need a stand/cabinet, because I have a huge projection TV going to a more manageable flat screen. There is always something...

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