Saturday, July 31, 2010

There is a Person in There

I have to gush over what my baby girl is doing lately. She is crawling, and crawling, and crawling some more. Which means you pick up a lot, and dig stuff back out of her mouth that you forgot to pick up. She started waiving "bye bye" and "hi" and for the first time I saw something, I don't know what it was, but while I was holding her, just me and her, I could feel, or sense, or something that she was learning me. She would smile, and give kisses... those open mouth kisses that babies give before they learn to pucker... and basically figure me out.

Yes it was learning time for me too, but I could see that she was learning far more from me than I from her... kind of. Because I could sense it, yeah, I know that puts me on a bus to "Weirdoville". But I could... I could sense what will one day be a person and she was giving me a glimpse (how ever small) of what she is going to be like. She is her own person. I know, it is strange, but it is also real. I could look into her eyes and she could look back, and there was an understanding there. It may not have been very long or complex, but it was there. It was nice, which may help me to remember moments like this when they hit the teenage years... I'm just saying.

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Anonymous said...

Well, hunny, I drive the bus to Weirdoville, because I love that stage where one can see and feel a baby's awareness and desire to soak in everything. They are like little empty vessels, taking note of everything and everyone around them, figuring out what response accompanies what action, what they can use to get what they want, what works, what doesn't... fascinating time of life. Enjoy it!