Friday, July 23, 2010

Classic Film Friday: Peter Pan

This post was written by my teenager. Why? Because I fell asleep and she absolutely loves Peter Pan. So anyway, this is her words, not mine...

This animated classic film is Walt Disney at his finest. Peter Pan shows the greatness of being a little kid again. With the songs (What Makes the Red Man Red, The Second Star, He Can Fly) , the characters (Peter Pan played by Bobby Driscoll, Wendy played by Kathryn Beaumont, and Captain Hook played by Hans Conried). This movie helps you remind you of the good times of your childhood. I like this movie because it gives a sense of creativity and it has its differences from all the other the Disney movies. Also, it is the first movie from Disney to have the main character as a human boy.

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Bob G. said...

With all this HOT weather...this movie sounds about right!

Loved it then...atill love it now.

Thanks for the idea.

Have a great weekend!