Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Damn Kids

I have a problem... and I'm really tired of beating my head against the wall (that is my teenaged daughter) trying to fix it. Her mother, my ex-wife, has not been there for her. She was (I don't know if she still is) a drug addict, and she lies about anything and everything. I try telling this to my daughter, but she just doesn't hear me, or she hears but just doesn't care.

Now I know it is hard, damn near impossible, to hate your mother. But she should. She should hate her for selling her stuff (and mine) for drugs, she should hate her for not being there when she needs her, hell, she should hate her for not getting my daughter a Christmas gift. It would be one thing if her mother got no gifts for anybody, but her other two kids had a stellar Christmas... her? Well she got from everyone but her mother so she had a good Christmas, but to get nothing from mom and then talk to your siblings and they got stuff from her... I would certainly feel left out.

But that is just one of a long list of shitty things my ex-wife has done. But you can't say much to my teenager. Maybe when she gets older... Maybe. And the problem is she is the spitting image of her mother, and I see many similarities and that is scary as hell. And so she (the teenager) wants to go spend some time with her mother, two weeks to be exact, and I just can't see me doing that... but it really doesn't matter, because she is old enough to decide where she wants to live.

So I guess she goes, but I did give her the ultimatum, that if for whatever reason things go sour while she is down there... she will not go back. We'll see how far that goes, I think something will go wrong in the first day, but that is just me....

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