Monday, July 5, 2010

I Endorse Letting Go

I have to say or at least I try to say that I'm not worried about my job. But everybody worries about their job, especially when just having a job is something to worry about. I try and try and try to not let it affect me. Because you start to let your imagination run wild. Did they like me? Could I have done this or that better? Maybe I could have worked harder or longer, maybe then I would still be there.

The truth is none of that really matters, at least not that much in my case. It is business, that is all and I shouldn't take it as anything else but that. But it is hard, when you put so much of yourself for so many years, not to take it personally. Still, you know it wasn't because you combed your hair a certain way, or drove a certain car, or any of that. It was and is business.

I continue to put forth my best effort, as a colleague told me... sometimes, you just keep swimming. (a Dori line out of Finding Nemo) And that is what I do, because I can't do anything else. So I just keep swimming, keep smiling, and keep being everything I think that the customer needs or wants... and hopefully at the end of the day, they will recognize that perhaps they want to keep me. Maybe, you just never know... nothing is guaranteed.

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