Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Have Been Water Fested

You know, as long as I had been here there are some things I have never done. One was go to any kind of Water Festival event, and the other was go on a boat. Well I could scratch both off my to do list in one outing. We (Mrs. Mad Hatter and myself) got an invite from someone with a boat to come out to the sandbar in Beaufort. I said heck yeah and we left the two little kids with the older big kid and off we went.

Well it was a bit... trailer trashy... I don't mind, heck I spent many of my years growing up in a trailer. Basically everybody that has a boat... from the yachts to a kayak/canoe (and some others I wasn't quite sure about.) comes to the sand bar to drink and drink and pretty much drink. They also have a bunch of dogs (I would say keep the dog at home, but anyway) and a number brought grills. You wait for low tide and everyone offloads, and drinks, there may be some horse shoes or corn-hole but really it is all about the drinking. This made me feel better about my own drinking problem (self-proclaimed). I did not have a drinking problem at all, if you looked at any of these people. But it is all relative I guess.

The very next day (Monday) we were again invited to Motown Monday. The singer (Reggie Deaz) is in the same class and my wife and we said we were down with the Motown, why not go see the guy sing? So we went saw the band, saw some friends, drank a little (I was driving, so I stopped after 2) and it was so nice to break free. Oh my, how it was nice to break free!!! We were gone from 7pm-12am. No kids, no job, no worries. It was great. In fact it was so great we did it again last Saturday.

Which is why I didn't/couldn't update my blog... I was having too much fun to stop and tell anyone about it. And there is something to be send about that fact. Now, now I have to reel in those jet-setting ways, get back to reality and become the tax-paying citizen again (not that I ever quit, but you know what I mean). Maybe we'll do it again next year :o)

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