Saturday, July 2, 2011


So vacation is creeping up fast on me. Well not really vacation, just some time to see family, my wife's family up in Pennsylvania (last year we went to Mississippi and saw my dad). Which is cool, we will escape, for a week, and find out what it is like to go outside and it not be 1,000,000 degrees outside. Sounds nice huh?

It is the littlest things that mean the most I feel. But it will take me "out of the loop" not that the loop was any place to be to start with. There is something about going where there is no internet service, I mean it is quaint. We aren't going up to a cabin in the woods, in fact the parents live about an hour, hour and a half outside Philadelphia. But it will mean being less connected, not a bad thing especially when one is on vacation.

And that is the point right? So that being said my posting will be sporadic at best non-existent at worst. I really don't know. Which is another of life's uncertainties. And that is ok too. See you in a week internet. I'll try to keep it on the blacktop and between the ditches until then.

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