Friday, July 29, 2011

Classic Film Friday - The Love Bug

Add this one to the "I can't believe I haven't reviewed this before" list. This movie, a live action film never fails to make kids and adults stop in their tracks and just watch the movie. Everybody loves Herbie (the VW Beetle) and it is hard to understand why. I have ridden in them before (no AC, AM radio, they are rather loud... and cramped) but it makes sense because it is like the "little engine that could".

And it plays on that so much throughout the movie, you can't help but love The Love Bug. It stars Dean Jones and Michele Lee and Buddy Hackett but really you watch for the little car what it does and you smile. This movie probably ranks in my top 5 for family friendly movies... and is not animated and it has something that even the adults like in it.    

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